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The Great Ice Age (geronimo Stilton #5)

Great Ice Age

For those trying to find a book We've assembled some good info. Get hold of a copy of Great Ice Age written by Geronimo Stilton. The author is Geronimo Stilton and it is published by Papercutz. This went on sale sometime in July of 2010. The kids book is 56 pages long, click on the weblink below.


MPN: FBA-|288178
ISBN: 1597072028
Author: Geronimo Stilton

When Geronimo's nemeses the Pirate Cats make an effort to travel to by way of time towards the year 1889, they accidentally end up in 37993 BC! Geronimo must travel to the Ice Age to stop the cats from changing history forever! When the cats meet their Neanderthal ancestors, they hear the legend of a Giant Wooly Mammoth and come up using a plan to capture it and bring it back to the present, producing them popular for all time.


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