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Geronimo Stilton #17: Watch Your Whiskers, Stilton !

Geronimo Stilton 17 Watch Your Whiskers

The author is Geronimo Stilton and it is published by Scholastic Paperbacks. The became available on the 1st of October, 2011. The book has 128 pages. Lots of people claim they don't have enough time to read, however reading can also be a beneficial utilization of time, especially with the appropriate kids book, select the weblink below.

Scholastic Paperbacks

Author: Geronimo Stilton

Enter the world of Geronimo Stilton, where one more funny adventure is often right around the corner. Cheesecake! I had to quit him -- but how? A mysterious one-eyed rat was trying to steal The Rodent's Gazette from under my snout! Each book is a fast-paced adventure with lively art in addition to a exclusive format kids 7-10 will love. -- I had to give up my tail! He arranged for me to appear on a TV quiz show. If I won, the Gazette was safe. My enterprise manager, Shif T. Paws, came up with a strategy. But if I lost -- SQUEAK!


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